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Operational Excellence Guides Every Aspect of Our Business

At Accamex Industries Inc., operational excellence lays the foundation for quality and organizational efficiency, with a focus on standardized procedures, excellent customer service, cost control and value creation by eliminating waste and rework.

Dedicated service, industry expertise and trusted products are the way we earn your trust and build strong partnerships. We pledge to treat every customer so well that they become our total business partner. The result – satisfied customers who would not consider doing business with any other distributor.

We routinely monitor our performance levels through a continuous improvement process that allows each location to analyze daily processes, track service levels, and determine how to improve specific problem areas. We operate to standardized policies and procedures that allow us to be efficient and consistent in the use of resources and in our ability to respond to customers quickly. Quality teams provide direction and improvement ideas through an environment of open discussion.

Each servicing location examines the processes requiring improvement at their facility, while every associate company-wide works to achieve the same goal of on-time and error-free service.

Pure Distribution Speaks Volumes

  • Single-source distributor powerhouse
  • 140,000 products from more than 600 major manufacturers
  • Exceptional customer service
  • Shorter lead times on in-stock items
  • Lower transaction, shipping and transportation cost