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Antiscalants; Antiscalant Treatment Chemicals

Accamex 2000 Series extensive range of advanced technology antiscalants and antiscalant water treatment chemicals have been developed to manage the problems associated with hard water, specifically hardness salts and the formation of scale across a wide range of commercial, industrial and process environments.

Accamex 2000 Series specialist anti-scalants offer superior quality performance characteristics over a range of applications. Accamex 2000 Series advanced scale inhibitors include the following products:

Phosphate based Boiler Water Treatment (Food Safe)

Accamex 2000 Series is particularly effective against calcium sulphate and calcium silicate. This product commplies with FDA regulations for steam that comes into contact with food. Accamex 2000 Series does not discolour boiler water it is also useful in situations where coloured boiler water carry over may be problematic.

Combined Phosphate and Polymer Treatment for Steam Boiler Systems

Accamex 2000 Series can be used in steam boiler systems up to 1500psi g. and acts as a combined antiscalant and suspended solids control agent. This product is excellent for softened and low hardness water. The phosphate reacts with the hardness whilst the polymer provides transport of calcium, magnesium, iron, phosphate and silica through the boiler, preventing scales adhering to metal surfaces.

Phosphonate based Scale Inhibitor and Corrosion Inhibitor for Cooling Water Systems

Accamex 2000 Series is suitable for systems with a pH higher than 8.5, high levels of calcium hardness (80 - 900ppm) and M. Alkalinity 300 - 550ppm.

Combined Scale Inhibitor plus Antifoulant for Cooling Systems

Accamex 2000 Series has been developed to inhibit the formation of scales and fouling in cooling water systems. This product is particularly effective against carbonate and sulphate deposition and in dispersing clay, mud and silt. Accepta 2048 represents no effluent problems.

Reverse Osmosis Membrane Scale Inhibitor

Accamex 2000 Series has been developed specifically for use in RO systems where the silica level in brine is less than 185mg/l at a brine pH of 7.5 and temperature of 25C.

Combined Scale and Corrosion Inhibitor

Accamex 2000 Series is a zinc phosphonate based product and is a multifunctional zinc/phosphate based blend developed for open re-circulating systems. This product is designed for systems with corrosive water (low to medium hardness and/or alkalinity)

RO Membrane Scale Inhibitor

Accamex 2000 Series is a superior blend of highly effective scale inhibitors and dispersants developed specifically for reverse osmosis systems, especially effective for high silica feedwater.